What is a First Look?

Have you thought about a First Look?  Do you know what it is?  It's a private moment that's arranged prior to your ceremony (usually by your photographer) for you and your groom to see each other.  It does seem a bit unusual, since traditional convention is such that the groom should not see you until you walk down the aisle.   But a First Look on your wedding day is worth considering for several reasons: it's the only private moment with each other during your big day; seeing each other first actually calms your butterflies a bit; it allows for couple photography during daylight hours; your look is "fresh"; y'all get to have some fun with the bridal party and take care of those shots as well as some family portraits; and most importantly, it means less time after your ceremony spent on photography. Everyone can get to the big celebration much faster!  Win-win all around!  When talking to us about your big day, don't forget to ask us how a First Look can make your day go a bit smoother. 

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